21 Free Online Design Tools_Part 10

21 Free Online Design Tools To Create Stunning Visual Content — Part 10

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18. IconFinder Online Editor

IconFinder is one of the most well-known websites if you are looking for free icons as well as premium icons. But the reason it is featured here is because of a cool recent addition: an online software that lets you edit those icons change the colors, for example, so they fit with your own branding or color palette.

This tool allows you to edit their icons easily, directly from within their website. Still, it also works as a standalone tool for altering any other SVG you have downloaded to your computer. You can re-color, edit, and tweak icons or other SVGs easily, then export to either SVG or PNG format.


19. Deep Dream Generato

This is a unique online tool that will transform your photos into unexpected painting style images. You can do so much with it! From exclusive social media quotes to banners, book covers, and much more – the only limit is your creativity.

You will have to try different styles to see what works for you and your projects, but you won’t be disappointed by the results.

One thing is sure though, your images will stand out.

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