33 Sites With Amazing Free Stock Photos

33 Sites With Amazing Free Stock Photos — Part 3




Did you know that Visual Content marketing is becoming one of the most popular digital marketing trends today, with the ever-increasing use of visual social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook, among others?

Visual content is being used extensively as a way to increase traffic and conversion among established businesses and digital marketers. If you are struggling to improve your online presence and visibility, it is high time to shift or enhance your visual content marketing strategy.

People LOVE this kind of content. It is easy and fast to consume. Where can you find free images that are of high quality and cleared to use for your blog posts or social media content?

The answer is right here, where we show you a list of awesome websites for free stock photos.

A few words of warning before using any free images.

Even though all the photos are free to use, without attribution, for personal, editorial, or commercial purposes, some of the sites shown in this series have stipulations that require attribution. Also for commercial use, do check with each of the free image sites that you can still use the images for free. So make sure you read the usage license every time you download an image.

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33 Sites With Amazing Free Stock Photos - Part 3

This website comes with some features that set it apart! One of them is the possibility to search for images by color dominants. For example, you can search images using the keyword landscape and, at the same time, have red as the dominant color. That’s incredibly helpful.

But that’s not all. Once you choose an image, you will have suggested a color palette that works with that image, together with the respective color codes.

Finally, you can find single images as well as complete photoshoots on a specific topic. That is amazing – you can now create a feature article with multiple photos for your content, which will 10X its perceived value.

One more thing: The quality of the images is top-notch!



33 Sites With Amazing Free Stock Photos - Part 3

Gratisography comes with a promise: This is for images that stand out. No place for the usual stock photo that you see on any other free stock photo website.

Here, you will find the quirkiest collection of free high-resolution pictures, comprised of cool, creative images – photos you won’t find anywhere else. All completely free of copyright restrictions.



33 Sites With Amazing Free Stock Photos - Part 3

Burst is a free stock photo platform that is powered by Shopify, and it was built to help entrepreneurs make better products, websites, and marketing campaigns.

Most of the pictures are original photos that were taken in-house and are themed around trending business niches. A lot of the images are generic product images that correspond to in-demand themes in eCommerce. You will find suitable images for your niche websites.


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