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This is another in our series about the high achievers here at the IBOtoolbox. Our participants graciously agreed to participate in this series, where we take a peek behind the curtain into the life of our IBO Champions. Each participant agreed to an email interview, answering questions about their life and business. It is a fun way to get to know our fellow members ... up close and personal. Let's get started! We welcome ...

Karri Dalton-Hull ...

IBO Champions

... up close and Personal

Joined IBOtoolbox in November, 2012!
Featured Member of the Day 4 times!

1. Karri, please tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live, and a little about your background.

My name is Karri Dalton-Hull. I live in Peterborough, Ont. Canada. I'm a single mom and Messianic Christian. I am an extreme Bitcoin enthusiast and Crypto Broker.

2. What is your main business?

I am an affiliate Broker for GXBroker. This is similar to the way an insurance broker would help someone get and understand insurance for the company they represent, I help people get and understand the many crypto and blockchain financial services that my company, "GlobalXchange" offers. We Help Make Crypto Easy!

Karri Dalton-Hull

3. What attracted you to the internet marketing world?

The lure of riches and working from home.

4. What do you like best about IBOtoolbox?

I love all of the tools that gives us the ability to produce content, brand ourselves, promote our products/services and meet others to build my network. I love that its free, although I myself am upgraded to IBO Club Member.

5. What is your passion?

God, My children. Bitcoin.

6. Who is the number one hero in your life?

Yeshua (Jesus) the Jewish Messiah. No. 2 would be my dad.

7. What is the last book you read?

"The Rise of the Messianic Church".

Karri Dalton-Hull

8. What is playing on your iPod (CD,cassette,LP) right now? Your favorite music? Your most favorite song?

Paul Wilbur, Christine Jackman, Casting Crowns.

9. What is your favorite food?


10. What is your weirdest habit?

Clicking my teeth in rythm. Hooked on Backgammon.

11. What is your dream car?

I would like a nice small white truck with 4 door and back seat. Don't know much about cars, so I don't really care about the make.

12. What is on top of your bucket list, the one thing you want to do in your life?

Go to Jerusalem. Learn Hebrew.

13. Which person, dead or alive, would you like to have dinner with?

My mom. She died last May.

14. What do you do every day to keep yourself motivated?

Pray, Dream. Just do it.

15. How would you like to be remembered, your legacy?

Spreading knowledge of the Jewishness of Jesus. Helping to restore people back to the Jewishness of our Faith.

16. What is your most profitable activity online today?

Getting customers signed up for an account with my crypto Brokerage, and signing up other new Brokers under me.

17. Share with us the one link you want to share with the world, and why?

I believe that GlobalXchange is changing the face of crypto and people will love our service because we make crypto easy and its so important for people to get crypto. (There is also a huge opportunity for people to get a brokerage for only $1000 but there are limited brokerages available so this is a limited time offer.)

Karri Dalton-Hull

Karri Dalton-Hull

Thank you, Karri! I appreciate your time, it was fun!

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