Buyers Don’t Just Want a Solution – They Want to Feel Good about Their Purchase

    The early days of eBay proved that buyers don’t just want a solution, they want to feel good about it. EBay’s slogan in those days was to “Shop victoriously”. This demonstrates the emotional impact that shopping has in our lives. Many marketers tend to think that buyers shop in a logical manner. However, […]


Eight Easy Ways to Boost Sales When You Need Some Quick Cash

    There are times when you just need to make some extra cash, and make it quickly. You already have products and/or services that you market to your audience, and there is no time to come up with something new. So, how can you boost sales for quick cash, without adding anything new, or […]


It is a Matter of Trust — Acquiring and Keeping Customers

    Consumers have many choices these days in finding the products they wish to buy. This being the case, trustworthiness is extremely important, when it comes to gaining, and then retaining clients’ and customers’ trust. Offer Real Value for a fair Price Your customers are interested in both price and value. These are not […]

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8 Professional Tips That Will Make You Stand Out Online

    There are millions of websites online, so what can we do to stand tall among the best? The good news is that there is only one you. Therefore, the best way to stand out online, is to be you. Why? Because there is only one of you, and who can show that best? […]

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3 Sure-Fired Ways to Help Your Customers Overcome Analysis-Paralysis and Take Action

    Every shopper wants to feel as if they are getting a good deal on their purchases. Thanks to the ease of internet shopping, customers can research everything in detail and compare prices, to try to get the best bargain. More times than not, all of this research can lead to what is termed […]


10 Ways to Focus on People in Order to Boost Sales

    The days of nameless, face less customers are over. With the advent of social media and technology, it is clear that we need to focus on our customers. The technology is just a tool to enable that focus, but too many businesses forget how important people are. They forget that people are our […]


Eight Tips on How to Master the World of Selling Even If You are an Introvert

    You don’t have to be an extrovert to be good at selling. In fact, there is no better time to succeed, even if you are an introvert, than today. With the advent of email marketing, automatic sales pages, and all the technology behind selling today, it is an introvert’s paradise. * Processes Are […]


The Secrets of Landing Pages for Affiliate Marketers

    The reason you need landing pages is to effectively grow your email list, or to sell products and services. Sending your audience to your home page is not that effective. You must create specific landing pages with a very narrow focus for each one. This is how you will explode your affiliate marketing […]


4 Easy Steps to become a Super Affiliate

    Many people have taken the plunge, and joined the world of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to be your own boss, and put your skills to work for you. Success in any business will not happen over night. It still takes time and effort to get your affiliate marketing efforts up and […]

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Getting the Most From Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is nothing new on the internet. When you are looking to start your own website, or blog, and add some affiliate marketing links to it, there are some things that you should know. Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. It is not for anyone, who is looking to make money fast, […]