How to build a downline in any program or business!

If you are involved in any business, it does not matter what you offer or sell; building an email list is essential. No list, no business, no income! Are you involved in a network marketing program? You probably need a downline to expand your business. How do you build a downline? You add to the […]

Expand Your Network

Five Places that Offer Amazing Opportunities to Build Your Network

    The key to effective networking is to actually do it, and taking opportunities to do it on a daily basis, everywhere you go and regardless of whom you are with. Ideally, you should view every day and event as a new opportunity to expand your network of contacts, because timing is everything and […]


Nine Tips that Will Turn Your Networking Efforts Into a Complete Success

    As a home business owner, you may not even realize that you still need to network, to ensure that your business grows. You may also feel overwhelmed with the idea of networking, when you have a home business. But you need not worry, networking is not as difficult and painful, that even an […]


10 Ways to Focus on People in Order to Boost Sales

    The days of nameless, face less customers are over. With the advent of social media and technology, it is clear that we need to focus on our customers. The technology is just a tool to enable that focus, but too many businesses forget how important people are. They forget that people are our […]


Eight Tips on How to Master the World of Selling Even If You are an Introvert

    You don’t have to be an extrovert to be good at selling. In fact, there is no better time to succeed, even if you are an introvert, than today. With the advent of email marketing, automatic sales pages, and all the technology behind selling today, it is an introvert’s paradise. * Processes Are […]


8 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Building Your Network

    As a home business owner, you know how important it is to build a network. You know networking helps you meet and get to know people. In short, you build relationships, and even more, you build your reputation as an expert, if you know what you’re doing. To be successful with networking, be […]


What to do once you Mastered the Basics of Internet Marketing

    Once you have mastered the basics of marketing on the internet, and starting to see results, it is time to move to the next level. You may not think that you are ready, but if you just rest on your achievements, the world around you is moving on. Many people learn the basics […]


Is the cost of an internet marketing consultant worth it?

    The rise of the internet, coupled with the recent downturn in the economy, is changing the face of marketing and advertising. Consumers are no longer content to deal with face less corporations, that hide behind big names and glass buildings. They want to deal with a company that interacts with their customers, listens […]