7 Proven Strategies to Build Your Email List from Scratch

7 Proven Strategies to Build Your Email List from Scratch

    Engaging new customers in your business can be a very tricky and challenging job. Developing trust and value among customers is a must. Consumers are cautious regarding their contact information, and if they do not love your product or services, they will never show any interest in your promotional emails. They will ignore […]

How Online Marketing Can Help Seniors with Disabilities

How Online Marketing Can Help Seniors with Disabilities

    A career in online marketing is perfect for seniors who may have developed disabilities along the way, such as vision and hearing loss or limited mobility. Working from your computer at home lets you move and progress without hindrance from outside forces. You can virtually set up an office space at home with […]

Six Productive Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links

Six Productive Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a passive income from your online business. By joining a high-paying affiliate program and maximizing the effectiveness of your affiliate links, you can generate more revenue from each click. Affiliate marketing accounts for 15% of all revenue generated from online media and is […]

Pros and Cons of Sending Daily Emails

Pros and Cons of Sending Daily Emails versus Weekly Digest

  How often should you email your subscribers? This is a common question among many marketers who use email marketing. While you want to keep your subscribers engaged, you do not want to give off that needy vibe. Also, you do not want your emails to get lost in the inbox. How often your subscribers […]

Finding your Storytelling Voice - Part 1 - Your Game Plan

Finding your Storytelling Voice – Part 1 – Your Game Plan

    Have you ever used story-telling to launch a product, sell a service, or connect with your core audience? If not, you are overlooking one of the easiest ways to position yourself as an authority in your market. Why? Because carefully crafted story-telling is at the heart of every effective marketing campaign and forms […]

Content Is King

Where Should You Focus Your Marketing Energy?

    That is the six million dollar question. So, where should you focus your marketing energy? Here is the answer, almost all your marketing energy should be focused on CONTENT! After all, any type of marketing you do has content in it. But, it all leads to one thing, and that is getting people […]

Make Your Customers Feel Important

Nine Tips on How to Make Your Customers Feel Like They are the Most Important People in the World

    Your business would not exist without someone to buy your products or services. Learning to deal with customers and make them feel super-special is part of the job as a business owner, and should be a major goal going forward. The awesome thing is that it is not even that hard to do. […]


What to Look for in an Email Autoresponder System

    When starting an online business, an email autoresponder service or system, is one of the first tools you will need to buy. A lot of newcomers mistakenly think they should wait until they have a large following, before hooking up an autoresponder. However, building a list is something that you should do right […]

Tell Your Story

How to Create Articles that People Actually Want to Read

    When you first start running a blog, it can be a very painful experience, putting a lot of time and effort into your blog posts and articles, and knowing that no-one is really reading them. You can slave away over an article but unless you already have a dedicated audience, there is a […]


8 Tips for Finding Email Marketing Content Ideas that Make Your Subscribers Asking for More

    There are many places where you can find content ideas, to drive your email marketing campaigns. It is just a case of being vigilant, and paying more attention to what your target audience really wants and needs. 1) Find Solutions to your Target Market’s Challenges When you were first starting out in your […]