From Stuck to Empowered: Tips for Recognizing New Possibilities in Life

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Do you feel like you are missing out on opportunities to grow and achieve your goals? If so, it is time to recognize new possibilities waiting for you. By learning to identify and embrace new opportunities, you can break free from your limitations and live your best life. […]


Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE!

Ever heard of this saying? Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE! Think about it for a second. Let it sink in. In case you didn’t notice, this saying, which is really a life lesson in and of itself, can be applied to any area. Not to get all biblical on you, but it does go in […]


Did you call off work today?

It is so funny. Whenever I am out and about in the neighborhood, people always ask me: “Did you call off work today?” Or maybe they’ll say: “No work today?” It is funny to me because the type of schedule that I have is normally for stay-at-home moms or retired folks. But let’s take a […]


This is my ONLY regret … don’t make it yours either!

I am not sure if you are at that stage in life, but maybe you can relate. Have you ever taken a moment to sit back, relax and really reflect on your life? Maybe you were back in grade school, and you really wanted to ask one of your classmates out on a date. Or […]


It is not a Cakewalk, but the Rewards are Awesome!

I am not going to water this down or sugarcoat anything. I am just going to tell you exactly how it is. The number one thing that pulls people to starting an internet marketing career is not only financial freedom but time freedom. The time to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do […]


STOP being a perfectionist!

Did you ever hear it said: “Analysis leads to paralysis”? This is what happens when you think about things so much, to the point where no action is taken. This happens very often with perfectionists. You know … those who believe that they MUST have all of their ducks lined in a row before they […]


Freedom – Wishful Thinking?

Freedom  … How does the word make you feel? Is it something worthwhile to strive for, or even fight for? Isn’t it something every human being wants? To live their lives in peace and the way they want to live it? Reaching for their dreams without anybody constraining their efforts? What would you call someone who […]


On Fire To Retire!



UNLEASH YOUR LION WITHIN – Go after your DREAM and never give up!

Time Traps for Online Marketers

Time Traps for Online Marketers

    Be honest – how many online marketing courses leave you breathless with excitement that soon turns to exhaustion and confusion? That is a common frustration for people who are trying to get up to speed in online marketing. There seem to be so many things to do that the time drain can be […]