Don't Let Retirement Be the End of Your Career

Don’t Let Retirement Be the End of Your Career

    Will Rogers once spoke about how half your life is wasted attempting to find something to fill the void of all the time you rushed around trying to save. Most people have many productive years left after retirement, and it is plenty of time for you to start new careers, lead a different […]

Holding Yourself Accountable

Laser Focused Success – Holding Yourself Accountable

    If you are struggling to get things done, it is easy to switch up the routine, believing that it will help you get back on track. Sometimes this is effective, sometimes it only makes it harder to refocus our attention where it is needed most. It is always better to take a step […]


Use the Power of the Present Moment to Break Through Your Mental Blocks

    Has this ever happened to you? You were thinking about a problem, and no matter how hard you focus it seems that you are stuck. You have gone over the problem several times. You have tried to redefine it. You have looked at it from different angles. It seems that no matter what […]

Discipline Equals Freedom

The Amazing Formula of Success – “Discipline Equals Freedom”

  “Discipline equals freedom”? Who would have thought that? It is among those counterintuitive ideas that make absolutely no sense if we hear it for the first time. Well, it is not something new, as the famous saying goes by Aristotle years ago “Through discipline comes freedom.” But discipline is not easy. It is rigid. […]


Learning to Make Changes in Yourself and in Your Life

    Most of us probably have things we would like to change about ourselves. Some changes might seem small, but sadly, no one ever explained just how hard it would be to make those changes. Yet, you want to make changes because you feel that these changes could really help you move forward, to […]

Top 10 Strategies for Escaping Your Comfort Zone

Top 10 Strategies for Escaping Your Comfort Zone

    Humans love to be comfortable. It is one of our strongest urges. Unfortunately, the desire to be in that state can be a prison. It is hard to grow and flourish if your primary objective is to be comfortable. Escaping your comfort zone is crucial if you want to have an exciting and […]

Why Positive Thinkers Are Your Best Role Models

Why Positive Thinkers Are Your Best Role Models

    Because we are social creatures, humans are heavily influenced by the behavior and example of other people in our lives. We learn how to act as well as how not to behave from the role models we choose for ourselves. Role models ideally should serve as examples of the things we should be […]

Laser Focused Success - Productivity Maximizers

Laser Focused Success – Part 3 – Productivity Maximizers

Click here if you missed any of the parts in this series!     Hacking your mind to increase your productivity is just one part of the process. The next one relies on maximizing that productivity. You will need to decrease burn out, as well as focus on the end results. Besides, learning to turn […]

improving Your Focus

Laser Focused Success – Part 2 – Tips For Improving Your Focus

Click here if you missed any of the parts in this series!       Improving your focus is not as difficult as you may think. In the last post, you might have identified some of the things that are killing your concentration. It is time to learn how to overcome them by hacking your […]

Can-Do Mindset For Seniors

Embracing a Can-Do Mindset as a Senior Entrepreneur

    It is easy for seniors to get into a negative mindset that prevents them from keeping up with the world, getting things done, and enjoying life to the fullest. They may think they are too tired, too old, or don’t have the skills necessary to embrace a can-do mindset. Retirement sometimes makes couch […]