Freedom – Wishful Thinking?

Freedom  … How does the word make you feel? Is it something worthwhile to strive for, or even fight for? Isn’t it something every human being wants? To live their lives in peace and the way they want to live it? Reaching for their dreams without anybody constraining their efforts? What would you call someone who wants to restrict people’s desires to follow their dreams and put roadblocks in their way?

We come into this world without baggage, free as a bird. What happened? Look at yourself. What happened to that FREEDOM we were born with? Our connection with the universal intelligence, our creator, has been severed. We have been indoctrinated into a certain way of thinking and a particular way of living. We are forced to conform. We are looked at as outsiders if we don’t think and act like everybody else. We lost our freedom to think, to analyze life, and what is happening around us.

We don’t have to follow the dictates of our so-called leaders. They are not leaders at all. They are followers of an evil clan/cult who dictates world affairs. Of course, it is all for the common good. Sure it is. Does that not sound like Marxist doctrines? In a free world, the individual is at the center of their world. Not the power structure or the “leaders.”

As individuals, it is our responsibility to do well in life. To look after ourselves and our families. To love ourselves and our families. If we don’t do well, we can’t help someone else. If we don’t love ourselves, we have no love to give. With our freedom come responsibilities. Not to the governments of the world, but to ourselves and our family and our fellow man/woman. Our “overlords” do not like individualism, they love collectivism. And we all know how that turned out throughout history.

Have a glorious weekend! Enjoy life as a free individual.

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