8 Advertising Mistakes That Could Spell Disaster For Small Businesses




Small business owners are more likely to make costly advertising mistakes, than large corporations. The main reason for this is the fact that a small business does not have an advertising department, and experts to help navigate the ins and outs of the advertising industry. You can avoid these mistakes simply by knowing about them, and then try to stick handle around them.

1. Placing the Focus Elsewhere – The focus always needs to be on your audience, their challenges, and how you can help solve them. NOT on your products and/or services. They want to know what is in it for them, not what is in it for you. Remember: benefits over features.

2. Being Unclear about the Audience – If you do not know who your audience is, it will be hard to create the right advertisement. Create customer personas, so that each time you write an advertisement, or create a message, you know exactly who to direct it to.

3. Having a Weak Message – In order to create a strong message, you need to know your audience, and what action you want them to take, ensuring that you list the benefits, along with your unique selling position. If you include some powerful words in simple but clear language, so much the better.

4. Not Sending Marketing Messages Often Enough – The frequency by which you choose to send advertising messages is important. Not often enough, and they forget you exist, too frequently, and you become a pest. You have to know your audience to know where the line is.

5. Avoiding a Call to Action – If you don’t ask your audience to do something, they will likely do nothing. It is important to know what your objective is, before placing the advertisement, so that you can form an effective CTA.

6. Not Using an Effective Landing Page – You can have a great product, a wonderful advertisement, and then have a landing page is not effective in converting your prospective customers. If you have a lot of click-throughs to the landing page, but it is not converting, then test different landing pages.

7. Misunderstanding the Metrics – A good example of what metrics can do for you is the point above. Try to understand what the numbers mean, so that you can make a good choice of how to perfect the situation. If you are not sure, talk to someone who is an expert in converting clicks to customers.

8. Not Budgeting for Experts – You cannot do everything yourself, and if advertising and sales isn’t exactly your expertise, you should contract with an expert to help you.

Understanding these costly advertising mistakes is important to move your business forward. It is very important to be aware of the types of things small businesses do that can cause failure, in financial terms, and also in the long term viability of your business. If you know better, you can do better.




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