8 Tips for Finding Email Marketing Content Ideas that Make Your Subscribers Asking for More


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There are many places where you can find content ideas, to drive your email marketing campaigns. It is just a case of being vigilant, and paying more attention to what your target audience really wants and needs.

1) Find Solutions to your Target Market’s Challenges

When you were first starting out in your niche or industry, you probably did some research to determine whether or not you have a paying audience, and what that market is most interested in. What their challenges are, and how you can create, and present solutions to their problems.

Knowing what “pains” your target market, can be one of the best ways to create email marketing content, which will encourage them to interact with you.

2) Set a Goal for Your Content

The objective in any kind of marketing is to make a sale. Creating products and/or services based around the challenges you found in your target market, is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Your email marketing content will become the context for providing a link to buy your product or service, related to solving those problems.

However, you can’t send promotional emails to your list all the time. They want real value from you, so you need to deliver it, if you want to build a relationship with them, which can stand the test of time. This being the case, you can offer more general content, which is informational in nature. It can be a challenge to keep up with content creation, but looking around for inspiration is actually pretty easy.

3) Looking for Inspiration

Make a list of all the problems you discovered, and use that list as a starting point. Create hints, tips, and suggestions about what really works.

4) Check Out Your Competition

Sign up for their list and see what they are mailing. Imitate what would work well with your own products and services. No need to reinvent the wheel. However, don’t just blindly copy your competitor’s messages, just use them as a guide.

5) Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Content

PLR is a great shortcut for content creation, because it is pre-written content, which is usually well researched and written. It often relates to key topics in a particular niche. Once you buy a license to the PLR content, you can use it any way you wish, but make sure to check the license terms.

Check the format as well. Some are already organized as emails you can send out almost as-is, apart from your promotional links. Just check the content to make sure there are no errors, and put your own personal spin or tone of voice on it.

6) Current Events

Current trends in the news are another great source of content. Don’t be afraid to be newsworthy or even controversial. In this case, you would use a broadcast email format, rather than your autoresponder.

Send out an email related to certain headlines or topics in the news. Try to link the topic to your products and services, if you can. Or, just have a rant about it, to show that your company’s mission is about more than just selling products.

7) Reuse Your Best Emails

Remember, new people will always be joining your list, and some will unsubscribe, so resending some of your best emails will not be a problem. You can also save your best emails throughout the year, and compile them into a report, making it a perfect lead magnet for new subscribers.

8) Saving the best for last

If you are in the internet marketing niche, you can join a membership that supplies pre-written emails for a whole year. All you do is add your own links and click the send button. The ideal solution for busy marketers! Click the banner below.


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