2019-11-27_Creating A Positive Mindset - Day 8

Creating A Positive Mindset – Day 8



Transform Your Mindset with These Five Strategies

So, you are ready to change your attitude, huh? Here are five easy and effective ways to learn to be more positive.

1. Be Aware
If you want to learn to be more positive, you should first become focused on your powers of observation. Being aware of our own negative self-talk, your defeatist language, and ways you are perpetuating negativity in your life can help you see how you are contributing to the cycle of negativity.

2. Journal About Your Goals
Spending time every day writing about your best self, describing your dreams and goals, and envisioning your future can help you think more positively. The more you write about those images, the more real they start to seem, and the more likely you are to believe you can achieve them.

3. Be More Mindful
Mindfulness is a useful practice for learning to be more positive because it teaches you to simply recognize and acknowledge your thoughts and emotions rather than judging them in any way. Stop thinking of your ideas as of right or wrong and realize that these are the thoughts you are having right now.

4. Talk Yourself Up
When you hear yourself speaking negatively to or about yourself, then embrace that as an opportunity to create an actional plan. When you criticize yourself, make that a chance to tell yourself something positive about you, to refocus that negative energy.

5. Create a Positive Circle of Support
The more time you spend with positive people, the more positive you will be. Surround yourself with others who have positive mindsets or who can help your positivity flourish. Their optimism will soon become contagious.

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