Decisiveness is the Pillar of Success

Decisiveness is the Pillar of Success



Not all decisions in life are right and lead to the path of success.

Indecisiveness is a hindrance to success, which costs you the energy that could be used to direct your life on to a better path ahead. It slows you down and diminishes your power to succeed in life.

On the other hand, decisiveness is a skill that you can learn in the pursuit of your success. Being decisive is not only making decisions but also sticking to them. When most of the people fail to do the latter part, success comes to those who realize the power of holding to their decisions.

In leadership, again, decisiveness plays a significant role. People who can make correct, real-time decisions in life often become great leaders.

Here are a few tips to become more decisive in your life:

1. Do not Rush in to take significant steps
Do not let yourself or anyone else put pressure on you while making substantial and essential life decisions. Take your own time to perform a practical analysis before you jump to any conclusion. There will be times when the speed of the business world around you will try to force you to make quick decisions, but you need to learn to deal with such tricky situations.

2. Drop the pursuit of perfection
Being a good decision-maker is about measuring feedback and making great choices. It is about making mistakes, learning from them, and never repeating them. There is nothing called “perfection” when it comes to decision making. But there are educated plans which need to be adapted and modified to suit your requirements.

3. Streamline your decisions
Streamline the decisions you make in your life. Break the big decisions into small ones, test, evaluate, and modify them as you need to. By doing this, you reduce the risks involved in the whole process, thus improving your chances of success.

4. Evaluate the best and the worst cases
Evaluation and assessment play a significant role in the process of decision making. When in a dilemma, assess the decision and question yourself, “What will happen if the decision proves to be wrong?”, “What is the worst-case associated with the decision?”, etc. Answers to these questions will give clarity about the importance of your decisions, and its impact on your life.

5. Don’t look back or doubt yourself
Self-doubt is a barricade to your path of success and mostly leads to failure. After you make a decision, be confident about it. Understand that you have assessed all the pros and cons before making the decision, which would help in bringing back your lost self-esteem, and the much-needed self-confidence in yourself.

Gather the best information possible, and give it some honest, objective thought. Then, progress and proceed with your decision.

There will be situations when we have to make changes and change course because we failed to make the “best” decision. But changing our path is much better than being continually crippled by indecision. Make a decision … and make it right!



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