Eight Easy Ways to Boost Sales When You Need Some Quick Cash


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There are times when you just need to make some extra cash, and make it quickly. You already have products and/or services that you market to your audience, and there is no time to come up with something new. So, how can you boost sales for quick cash, without adding anything new, or doing anything time-consuming?

1. Add Complementary Services – Whether you sell your own product, or an affiliate products, figure out a way you can make the item more desirable to the audience, by adding a complementary service or product to the original offering. For example, if you have a services business, up the ante by adding extra services to the package, for a limited time only.

2. Extend Your Demographic – While normally you want to niche down your offerings to very specific group of people, you can offer the same service to a broader audience, who could also use your services.

3. Enter a Joint Venture – Getting access to other people’s email lists and audiences, is the main reason for entering into a joint venture. Contact other marketers who offer complementary products or services to yours, and host a webinar together.

4. Have a Limited Time Bundle Sale – Mix and match your products or services in a brand new way, and only for a limited time. Make it something that your audience will really want, and need, and you will have a winning combination.

5. Incentivize Your Affiliates – If you have a network of affiliates or sales partners, give them a bigger incentive to start selling more, by putting in an extra effort for the bigger rewards. A prize for selling a certain amount, or for selling the most, will encourage them to promote you even stronger.

6. Offer Extras to Your Existing Clients – If you have a client list, reach out to them with a special sale, for only existing clients. Ask them to double their order for 50% off, for instance, or some other discount you can afford to offer.

7. Accept New Payment Methods – If you are currently only offering limited payment methods, find out from your audience with a survey what other options they would prefer. Sometimes just giving them a new way to pay, can make all the difference.

8. Offer Payment Plans – If you have a high priced item, offer a time payment plan, “only for the next 7 days”, or sign up for PayPal credit, so that your customers can get what they want today, without having to pay the full amount in cash.

These easy ways to boost sales for quick cash, can make a huge difference in your business, and your bottom line. You will find that you can actually give yourself a raise anytime you want, by using any of these methods.


$1000 Paydays


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