How to build a downline in any program or business!

If you are involved in any business, it does not matter what you offer or sell; building an email list is essential.

No list, no business, no income!

Are you involved in a network marketing program? You probably need a downline to expand your business.

How do you build a downline? You add to the downline by building an email marketing list–a list of folks who responded to you because you offered something that interested them.

Will they join your network marketing downline? Possibly!

How many people joined your business the first time you talked to them? One in a million? Why is that?

The reason is simple. People buy from someone they know, like, and trust. Just look at your own transaction. Who do you prefer to deal with?

So how can we overcome that hurdle?

Let me introduce you to the power of F.R.E.E!

Folks love getting things at no cost, and humans are attracted to that. Wouldn’t you rather get something for F.R.E.E rather than pay for it?

I hear you; you ask, how does that help me build my business?

Forget about your business for a minute, and let’s concentrate on building your email list. Building your email marketing list is a stepping stone to your business success.

Having a group of people who you had contact with fulfilled the first step of the KNOW LIKE and TRUST formula. They are now on your mailing list, and they KNOW you.

Will the folks on your email list join your business? Possibly, but at this point, unlikely!

George, I heard your question–how do I get people on your email list?

And yes, Linda, I heard your question as well–what do I do with those folks on my email list?

Let’s deal with George first. To get people to join your mailing list, we bribe them, no, nothing illegal, an ethical bribe.

You give them something in exchange for their name and email address.

We call this a lead magnet, offering something at no cost that is valuable enough for your prospect to fill in their first name and email address.

That’s all, you ask? Yes, it is that simple. How many times did you fill in your name and email to get something for F.R.E.E? I am sure many times.

Now the hard work starts. What do I give away? It has to have a high enough perceived value for a prospect to sign up to your email list.

You could create a high-value eBook or create a video course. If you are a techie person, write software that helps people in their business.

For most people, this is a huge challenge; however, you could pay someone to do this for you. There are many talented freelancers who would love to take this task off your hands, for a price, of course.

The highest perceived value lead magnets are F.R.E.E membership sites.

Creating a membership site is a huge undertaking, not just in labor, but also financially.

And how do you make the membership attractive? Remember the power of F.R.E.E I mentioned?

Let me tell you the story about the Internet Marketing Club, IM-Club.

We spent the last 18 months gathering material to give away, educational courses we can offer, and access to software every marketer can use in their business.

And we will not stop. Every week we add new downloads, new courses, and new tools for online marketers.

And the best part is, it is F.R.E.E! We give away access to our membership at no cost.

And all our members can give away F.R.E.E memberships as if it was their own membership site. How cool is that?

We never advertised our membership site other than test some lead magnets. We just told folks we meet in our daily business activities, “go check this out.”

Word of mouth brought in over 1,000 new members. Why wouldn’t people want to join? It is F.R.E.E!

What happens when you sponsor friends or associates into the IM-Club? Their names and emails are waiting for you in your back office. You are building your mailing list by giving away our F.R.E.E memberships.

You can put your IM-Club downline into your autoresponder, and you got yourself an email marketing list. You can share things of interest or make offers about your business or affiliate products.

Will your new subscribers join your business? That depends on how you develop your relationship with your subscribers. But your chances increased dramatically by sharing the F.R.E.E membership.

And this may answer Linda’s question–what do I do with those folks on my email list?

You nurture your email subscribers by sharing useful information and links to your social media post or blog posts. You keep in constant contact so the subscribers see that you value their time reading your messages.

The one thing you do not want to do is spam your list with offer after offer after offer, and you will lose your subscribers one by one until there is none left.

Use a common-sense approach to nurturing your list of subscribers, and add new subscribers to your mailing list every day and every week. Make it a priority in building your business.

Check out our internet marketing Club, IM-Club! It is F.R.E.E, and it will not cost you a penny.

And start building your email list by giving away F.R.E.E memberships. Click the link below and create a F.R.E.E account.


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