How to Squeeze more profits from your content with this simple trick

How to Squeeze more profits from your content with this simple trick


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Let’s make one thing clear. You work hard to bring people to your website. At least that what you should do, and in doing so, you increase your chances of gaining financially through your efforts. One caveat however, just because you can draw traffic does not mean each and every person coming to your website, will buy and make you money.

In fact, looking at affiliate statistics, you will quickly find out that for every click that actually turns into dollars, you also get hundreds, and hundreds of clicks that go nowhere.

It is really important to maximize the amount of traffic your website gets. For example, if you are converting at 1% or less and each conversion brings a dollar, you are definitely going to make a lot more money. With a thousand visitors you would make $10. But with a million visitors, you will make ten thousand dollars. I am sure you know which amount you would rather earn.

There is a simple trick you can use to maximize the value of each visitor. A lot of websites try to convert with one page. If I have a hundred pages on my website and I get traffic from all over the place, I am basically betting that when somebody enters my website and they land on a page, that page would have enough information on it to convert them. This is wishful thinking. This is why you have to attract hundreds of visitors just to make one sale.

What if I told you that you could use a simple trick that will turn one visitor into ten or even twenty visitors? Wouldn’t you want to build such a system?

It is actually quite simple. When visitors come to your website, set up your content in a way to get them to click link after link after link. Each link pulls them deeper and deeper into your website. You get another bite at the apple, so to speak. You get another chance to sign them up to your mailing list, or to get them to click on an ad, and perhaps make a sale. Use this idea to create content that has internal links that takes your visitor deeper into your website.

Another benefit you gain with this ‘deep dwell’ system involves branding. The more pages a visitor reads, the more credible they think your brand is. It does not get any simpler than that. After all, why would they keep reading page after page if they didn’t think your stuff was worth reading? This not only gives you plenty of opportunities to convert the visitor into a customer, but also an opportunity to peak his or her interest in revisiting your site.

Generally, people are not interested in your navigation system. They are interested in the content that catches their attention. This is why it is absolutely crucial that you put links within your content to pull people deeper into your site. Here is a tool that will help you achieve just that:

WP Speedy Links


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