Holding Yourself Accountable

Laser Focused Success – Holding Yourself Accountable


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If you are struggling to get things done, it is easy to switch up the routine, believing that it will help you get back on track.

Sometimes this is effective, sometimes it only makes it harder to refocus our attention where it is needed most.

It is always better to take a step back and evaluate why we are losing focus. What is happening in our lives that we are finding ourselves running out of steam?

Refresh and Refocus!

What can we do to refresh and refocus? We can put our attention and energy on the things that matter!

And where is that time going?

Were you spending too much time in email or on social media trying to respond to customers or provide instant support?

If so, consider outsourcing support inquiries to a live agent or support desk so that you are not constantly distracted by people who need your time while still being able to provide prompt service.

Did you fail to prioritize tasks and goals and ended up losing focus because you are always multi-tasking to catch up?

If so, consider using a product management tool that will guide you through each workday. The key is to develop a regular routine, along with work habits that improve your focus and workflow.

It is also essential to know when your struggle to focus is your body’s way of saying it has had enough.

It is way too easy to think you can push out one more hour or get that one more thing done each day, but when your mind has had enough, no matter what you do, you will struggle to regain focus.

Instead, give yourself time for creative breaks so that you can reenergize and boost that productivity.

Burn out is a real, and it is the no. 1 focus killer, so learning to hold yourself accountable while still also giving yourself room to take those necessary breaks so that you can boost creativity and output is essential.

Continue with Part 5, in which we will talk about the importance of setting time limits on your projects and task.



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