Make Your Customers Feel Important

Nine Tips on How to Make Your Customers Feel Like They are the Most Important People in the World



Your business would not exist without someone to buy your products or services. Learning to deal with customers and make them feel super-special is part of the job as a business owner, and should be a major goal going forward. The awesome thing is that it is not even that hard to do. Here are a few tips that you can incorporate in your customer relations.

* Listen Carefully – The more you listen to your customers, the better. Listen to them close enough to read between the lines, so that you can tailor-make products and services, that make your customers feel as if you can read their mind.

* Respond Enthusiastically – When a customer reaches out to you, always respond enthusiastically in a way that makes them feel important. For your customer service get a good ticketing system, that is responding promptly to their needs.

* Make It Easy for Them to Connect with You – Don’t just hide behind your computer. Respond to people’s emails, and not only that, tell them about all your social media profiles and where to find you, and they will feel that you really care.

* Study Your customers – Learn everything you can about your audience. The more you mirror their values, likes, and dislikes, the more they are going to feel a kinship with you, that takes it one step closer to making them feel like VIPs.

* Ask Questions – Always include your customers in your future product development by asking questions. You may want to give them a choice between three new exciting products, or get them involved in helping you choose a cover for your book. They will feel involved and it makes them feel important.

* Follow up after Purchases – When your customer purchases from you, follow up immediately. They should get scheduled emails right away from you that answer questions they might have, or give instructions, or just plain say Thank you!.

* Call Them – This might be harder, but if you sell an expensive item, you might want to call them to thank them for their purchase, and ask them if they have questions. Even if you only leave a message, they are going to feel surprised and special.

* Live up to Your Promises – If you make a promise, live up to it. If your sales page says that your product does XYZ, it needs to do XYZ without any problems. If there are problems, fix them as soon as your customer points them out, and thank them for it.

* Say Thank You – Always thank them, not just after purchase, but also within your autoresponder messages, on social media, and in your blog posts. Thank them often and in public. When they know they are important, they will feel important too. After all your customers are the lifeblood of your business.

Pleasing customers is not really that hard. You just need to offer them real solutions for their challenges, that are easy to implement and well planned. Listen to your customers, provide what they need, and follow up to ensure that everything is working for them, exactly as you promised.



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