Setting Your Life Goals



If you want to live your life to the fullest potential, start setting life goals. Buried dreams, forgotten goals, and underdeveloped potentials will be a thing of the past, once you begin to set your life goals.

Goal setting is a powerful process, that allows you to have greater control over your future. Goal setting skills can be applied to everything you do.

Setting life goals is like having a map to show you where you want to go, and it helps you avoid getting lost in the process. With your goals in front of you, you can drive straight to your preferred destination, without any wasted time.

The process of setting life goals

Start your goal setting with what you want to be, achieve, experience, and have, throughout your lifetime. Then break it down into a series of goals, down to the things you will have to do on an everyday basis. By putting this structure in your plans, you can break the bigger goals you have, into a number of smaller daily tasks, which makes the whole process less daunting.

If you find it hard to set your life goals, acquire some books, programs, take seminars, and training, and even think about getting a personal coach to help you achieve your desired plans. But it is really not that difficult to set life goals, making them reality is the challenging part.

After setting your life goals, make a commitment to follow every step of your plan. Keep the process going with the same enthusiasm, when you started it. Refer to your life goals frequently, so you can keep tabs on how you are doing, and if needed modify your short term goals, according to your changing priorities, and experiences, but continue on, towards your larger objectives.

In setting life goals, here is a guideline, on how to make effective goals:

  • 1. write it down. Putting your ideas on paper will help you making them more real, and, of course,  remember them.
  • 2. be realistic. Dream big, but don’t let those dreams scare you. Goal achieving is a process. You stretch and grow, and then reach higher. Just as important is not to set your goals too low. Set goals too low, does not motivate you or drive you forward.
  • 3. be positive. Express your goals in positive, and passionate statements. The statements will reflect your desire for your goals and dreams, and keep you on track.
  • 4. be specific. Set a precise plan, including dates, times, and amounts, so that you will know everything needed, to achieve your goals, every step of the way.
  • 5. prioritize. Set each of your objectives in a priority sequence. There will be many goals to be achieved, and prioritizing them will help you from feeling overwhelmed.

Final pointers on setting your life’s goals

Make sure to select goals that are really of great importance to you, those that are in alignment with your values. You must be the one to decide what to pursue, and what direction you want your life to go. Don’t let others influence you, it is your life. Get started today. The best is yet to be.



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