Struggling with Loneliness

Struggling with Loneliness as an Internet Marketer?



If you are an internet marketer, then chances are that you will probably work from home much of the time. That means you will have the freedom to work wherever you want and at whatever time you desire. In fact, these are the two reasons why so many people are attracted to internet marketing in the first place.

But this can cause problems too. One such issue is loneliness. Without a team to work with and without an office to work in, you can find yourself working alone most of the time, and sometimes even going several days without speaking to anyone! So how can you feel a little less lonely and prevent this from being a severe issue?

Visiting Friends

One solution to help you feel a little less lonely is to visit friends more often. In particular, consider visiting friends on your lunch break. Seeing as you are free to move around as you work, you could suggest meeting a friend at their place of work on their lunch break. This can be a way you get to catch up and chat with someone you like. This is far superior to being forced to lunch with people in your office who you may or may not get on with.

Work With Clients in Person

Working as a digital marketer does not have to mean finding clients online and communicating solely by email. You could meet people in cafes or by going to their place of work. At the same time, you could ask if anyone else needs help with their online presence.

When you find clients to work with in person, this changes the relationship and can be very good for getting more recurring work. It also presents the opportunity to chat with people and enjoy working as a team.

Find Others Like You

Internet marketing is relatively novel as a job, but it is not entirely unheard of. In fact, you might well know someone who works online, and if you don’t, start talking to people about that possibility. It certainly has perks, and you can show them first hand how they can benefit!

But if you don’t know anyone else who works, an option is to look for work groups or work spaces. There are many offices that you can rent and share with other companies and individuals, or failing that, you can try meeting others in cafes to work together. Just try advertising online or in the local paper to see if you can find other people who are nearby!

All these methods mean you can enjoy an active social life and at the same time, work online!



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