Ten Things to Put Into Your Email Follow-ups to Add Value


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One of the hardest things to do, when it comes to content for your email follow-up, is to figure out what to add into your messages. In general, you want to send emails that are on point. Things like information that will educate, entertain, engage, and inspire subscribers to action. The gurus make it sound so easy. I do not want to discourage anybody, but it does take a lot of thought, and effort to gather the content for your email messages. Here are some idea you may want to use.

* Welcome Email – Always send a good welcome email, introducing yourself, and giving some of your background. For instance, why you do what you do, who you do it for, and how you can help them. If you have a blog or website, point them to blog posts or articles. Also let them know what to expect in terms of emails from you.

* What to Expect Email – Even though you told them in the welcome email what to expect, you want to tell them again after a couple of days. That way they will be expecting more emails from you.

* List of Tools – Be helpful to your subscribers by sending them a nice freebie list of tools that you use, and why you think they might be helpful for them as well. This will show them that you want to help them, and that you show interest in their success. It is a good way to prime them to open more of your emails later.

* Blog Posts – When you update your blog, it is a good idea to send the blog post to your email list. You can do that automatically, or you can write a special introductory email to your audience so that they will go and check your blog for the latest article.

* Problem Solutions – Another email could be an acknowledgement, and explanation of problems that you experienced. Of course, you want to send them solutions for these problems as well, which is a great way to add a Call To Action to your emails.

* Freebies for Problems – While you are at it, after you told them about a problem, send another email with a link to another freebie, that will solve the problem. Hint: along with the freebie link, suggest other products as well, adding an affiliate link to a paid product.

* What’s Happening Email – Let your audience know what is going on in your life, something personal, or new things about your business. Don’t get too personal, unless you can find a tie-in to your business.

* Testimonials – When someone says something nice about you, share it with everyone. Send it to your list. Turn it into an article about how important your customers are to you, and add something nice about the client too. This might also give an incentive to someone on your list, prompting them to send you their testimonial.

* Brag Email – If you get an award, are selected to speak at an event, or you finished a new product, or added a new service, share it with your audience. They love to hear positive things, it inspires them. It is also a good opportunity to bring them back to your website.

* Announcements – Early bird sales, special sales, invitations to events, and more, are all good reasons to send an email to your list. Even if you decide to get married, it is a great thing to let your audience know. You might even want to stream your wedding live on Facebook.

All of these emails are great content to send to your subscribers. When you are not sure what to send, take a look at this list, or browse the web, and you will find something to say, something that informs and inspires.


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