The “Secret” Ingredient For Every Successful Internet Business


My Unfair Advantage


It has nothing to do with the latest, greatest marketing technique, or a special new piece of technology. Nope.

In fact, it has been around for thousands of years. Can you guess what is?

If you said it is a “story”, then you are absolutely right. Nearly every successful business has one … and every business that stands above their competition surely DOES have one.

Sometimes the customer comes up with the story themselves, based on how they view the company, however, smart companies don’t wait for the buying public to form an opinion of them. They are proactive.

If you are a little confused on exactly what I mean by a “story”, then hear me out. Stories are everywhere. They are how your customers or prospects thinks about you, or any business.

Whether your product is thought of as “exotic,” “folksy,” “trustworthy,” or whatever emotion you want to associate with your product, it is in your best interest to tell a positive story about yourself, and your company.

Now, before we get any further, we need to dispel a possible misconception.

By story I don’t mean “image”, or a picture, like a company logo. It is much deeper than that. It is an experience that prompts your customers to purchase from you. An image, on the other hand, is much too simplistic. A logo does not create the opportunity for your customers to relate and bond with you, although it is a branding item.

Adversely, a powerful story allows you to gain an amazing power. One that sneaks right past your customers’ defenses, which have been built-up against anyone who might be trying to sell them something.

More than that … the right story is what will make your sales go crazy for years to come, mainly because it is the single most powerful tool of influence.

Think about this … a powerful story can break down any barrier that exists in people’s minds, like ideas they might have had, or pre-existing beliefs that were triggered by experiences with other companies.

Your story can be pretty powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, don’t you agree? Tell your story to the world!


My Unfair Advantage


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