21 Free Online Design Tools_Part 06

21 Free Online Design Tools To Create Stunning Visual Content — Part 6

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10. Picmaker

If you are looking for a quick way to create Youtube thumbnails for your videos, look no further than this FREE online software:


If you want to boost your visibility on Youtube, it is a must to have a thumbnail created for each one of your videos.

It is straightforward to use, and it can also be useful for branding or re-branding your PLR videos and other social media assets.


11. Mockuper

Mockuper is a free online mockup generator that lets you design your product’s mockups easily and quickly WITHOUT Photoshop. It will make your app/product screenshot more live and exciting and show how it fits in a real-world environment.

Choose between desktop mockups, phone mockups, tablets, and even posters or business card mockups. You can actually choose between a total of 887 mockups! I think this is the biggest catalog of mockups that can be generated online for free.

Really useful when you want to show clients your works beautifully and realistically.

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