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9 Email Marketing Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Click-Through Rate


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Email marketing is very effective. Some people believe that email marketing is literally the most effective form of marketing that ever existed. But, you may be misusing this form of marketing, if you are not setting everything up right.

1. Untargeted List – If you have spent time building your list using lead bait that is not targeted, and focused enough, you may have a lot of freebie seekers on your list. To clear your list, run an aggressive, and targeted campaign to get them to pay attention, and if they don’t, cycle them off your email list.

2. Meaningless “From” Name – Set up a “from” name that makes sense to your email recipients. Many people use their real name, and this has proved to be one of the best choices. You can also make it personal by using a name that means something to the audience like “Your Life Coach”, or something that speaks to them in that way.

3. Weak Subject Lines – Most people do not open emails that they feel too sales oriented. Therefore, put something in the subject line that directly tells them what is inside, and what makes them want to read more. Break up your list, and test at least two different subject lines, to see what works best.

4. Poorly Worded Opening Sentence – Most people view part of your messages, visible in the window of their email client. What will they see? Make sure you have a powerful opening statement, that is interesting enough, so that they want to read more.

5. Lack of Personalization – Even though audiences know that personalization is automated, they still prefer it if they see their name. Personalization increases click-through rates enormously. Make sure it is working properly. Wrongly coded personalization is worse than no personalization. Test your messages.

6. Broken Links – Nothing is worse than having a great message, a perfect call to action, fabulous subject lines, and getting people to click through … and the link is broken. That is why testing messages before sending them out is so important for your success with email marketing.

7. Not Using Analytics – Your email marketing software offers the ability to test many different analytics, from open rates, to click-through rates, and more. Learn how to set it up, so it works for you, getting the information that can improve your marketing.

8. Emails That Are Too Long – While long blog posts are a big deal today, long emails are not. People get bored reading emails that don’t get to the point. Avoid writing emails that are much longer than 450 to 500 words. Get to the point.

9. Bad Formatting – This is yet another reason to test how your emails look on a variety of systems. Make sure you check for formatting issues. Formatting that makes the email hard to read, lack of word wrapping, and unresponsive messages all lose clicks.

If you are making any of these mistakes, you can start right now fixing these problems. The hardest one to fix is proper targeting of your market, but the rest can be fixed right now with just a few tweaks.


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