Nine Effective Email Strategies to Get Subscribers, and Keep Them Coming Back


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Using automation in our email marketing is only a small part of succeeding online. What is more important is knowing how to use it the right way. First you need to build your list. Then comes creating an email follow-up series, that excites your subscriber to the point, where they ask for more. Give something of value, and make it relevant. Below are 9 tips to help you accomplish just that.

1. Step One Build Your List – Enticing people to join your list can be accomplished by offering an ethical bribe in form of valuable gift. A very popular way to get people to sign up for your list is to host free webinars. Offering valuable information that people can put to use in their business, will attract subscribers.

2. Learn to Write Compelling Subject Lines – If you want messages read, you will have to learn how to write subject lines, that really mean something to your audience, and moves them to take action.

3. Remember to Proofread – There is nothing worse than clicking the send button and realizing that you made a horrible grammar, or spelling error in an email that went out to your entire list. Be sure to proofread your messages, or have someone else do it to ensure accuracy. In addition, send a test message to yourself, to make sure that all of your links work correctly.

4. Follow Spam Laws – If you are not sure what they are, look up the spam laws for your country, and also for the US, if you’re focusing on USA audiences. Most autoresponder services now enforce spam laws, but you want to be sure by knowing the laws yourself.

5. Send Information Only When Needed – Do not bombard your subscriber list with messages without a purpose, or an important point. Send information regularly, but make sure you do not just send offer after offer. Your subscriber probably get tons of emails, with offers filling their inbox every day. Be different!

6. Write Focused Messages – If you don’t know your purpose, it will be difficult to write a focused message. One message might deal about an event you are hosting, or any subject that is of interest, and has practical applications for your subscribers.

7. Never Forget the Call To Action (CTA) – Each message you send needs a call to action. It may be to click through and read your blog post, and leave a comment, join a discussion on your Facebook group, or get your latest course, video, or ebook. Be very clear about what you want them to do, and limit the options to one or two.

8. Segment Your Audience – As you collect information from your audience, and get them on your list, it might be useful to set up segments. Just as an example, some of your lists may deal with a general subject, while another list has actual buyers, who purchased your products.

9. Keep It Simple – Do not over complicate things when it comes to your email lists, and your email marketing strategies. Send information to your email list, send it regularly, make it purposeful, and never forget your CTAs.

A responsive email list is the best asset your business can have. You want to ensure that you are doing the best you can, to get, and keep your audience’s attention, starting with great subject lines, to messages packed with useful information, that can be acted upon.


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