Nine Ways to Get More of Your Email Messages Opened


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When you want to use email marketing for your product, services, or income programs, you need people to actually open your emails. There are some amazing ways to get people to open your emails, and ways to ensure that people want to open your emails.

1. Tell Them What to Expect – It is great when people sign up for your email list, but that is  not where it ends. You then have to get them to actually open up your emails. At the time of subscribing, explain to them exactly the type of emails they will receive.

2. Eye Popping Subject Lines – To get opens, you will need to learn how to write great subject lines. You have to use the right type of words to get their attention, words that also explain what is inside your email. You never want to trick them, because they will unsubscribe in a hurry.

3. Use a More Personal “From” Line – Use your name in the subject line instead of your business. This will make it more likely they will open the email, because it is from their friend, instead of the business owner.

4. Deliver Great Content – This cannot be stressed enough, nothing is worse than clicking on an email, and finding the content inside disappointing. If you create amazing, informative, and useful content for your audience, they will not only love it and read it – they will also look forward to it.

5. Test Everything – You will want to test different subject lines, different sales pages, and different types of calls to action. When you do, just change one thing, and send it out to your list. The variation that works best wins. Keep notes, so that you know what works best for your audience.

6. Send at Different Times – Try sending out your emails at different times, to find out when the best opening time is. Check also with your autoresponder provider, because they may have some stats available for that as well.

7. Use Power Words – Learn about the right power words to use with your audience. Some words will work better than others, and it is highly dependent on your niche, and your audience what those words are.

8. Avoid Spam Words – The spam words are, “free”, “reminder”, or anything that brings up a sale. You do not want them to see right away in the subject line, that you are selling something. You need to warm them up first with the amazing content in your email.

9. Use Numbers – One thing that people like a lot, is numbers. Look at the title of this article. Even though the number itself is not a keyword, it helps the audience, when they see a list inside, giving them hints how to do things.

Getting people to subscribe to your email list is only half the battle. Getting them to open your messages is another challenge. But, by getting to know your audience, understanding the right words to use, and knowing how to get more personal, building relationships via email, will help you in getting more of your emails opened, and actually read.


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