Regret Is What You Will Suffer from If You Quit on Yourself

Regret Is What You Will Suffer from If You Quit on Yourself



When it comes to online marketing, more people have quit the business than have followed through to success. They never harvested the fruit of their labor. Follow through is essential. There are a million reasons why people give up.

You have to accept the fact that success doesn’t happen overnight. It can take months and years to build a formidable business online. This is not the business you want to get into if you are desperate for cash, and need financial help immediately. Get a job for immediate cash.

You have to make up your mind as to whether or not you will keep a full- or part-time job, while you are building your online business. Some people have quit their job and launched an online career successfully.

However, it usually takes time, so unless you have the savings to keep you afloat financially, it is not recommended. It is hard to work two jobs at once, so you have to be patient with yourself, and find time to build your business from a side hustle into a full-time career.

You want to go about this the smart way. It is not a race, and even though you may have a lot of drive and determination, it will still take time. Before you make the decision to quit, revisit the reasons why you wanted to work online in the first place. It will take a strong WHY to see you through.

Did you think it would be fun and rewarding? Did you always have a desire to be your own boss? Do you love the fact that you have unlimited earning potential? Sometimes it helps to look back on why you started to pursue this career initially, just to reignite your motivation.

Ask yourself what you could do differently to ease your frustration. For example, maybe you are frustrated about the money you have spent trying to get your business off the ground. Instead of beating yourself up about it, look for ways how you could do things differently.

For example, what free tools or bartering could you do to get the same results? Whenever you feel frustrated in this business, give yourself a break. Entrepreneurs work harder and work longer hours than most employees. But let me ensure you, the rewards will be oh so sweet!

To avoid suffering from burn-out, take a refreshing break ever so often to recharge your batteries However, the one thing you don’t want to do is continually stop and start. You will lose all of your momentum, branding, and loyalty from customers if you keep popping in and out of their lives. It is better to work slowly and see progress, than to quit periodically. Never ever give up, it is not the sign of a true leader.



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