Ten Significant Mistakes Businesses Make In Their Email Communication


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I think we all agree that email marketing is the most effective type of marketing ever invented. Unfortunately, it is also an easy place to make mistakes or even overlook the obvious. The point of email marketing is to build relationships, educate your audience, and convert them to customers. If they are customers already, the point is to educate them, and then convert them to buying something else. Here are ten mistakes you will definitely want to avoid.

1. Using Sensational Subject Lines – People do not like being tricked. You have it happen to you every day. When you click on a headline, and the email has nothing to do with what the subject line says, how do you feel? Tricked? If you want your email subscribers to look forward to your email communication, be transparent in what you are telling them, and never try to trick them.

2. Not Taking Advantage of Message Previews – Many email programs offer the customer the ability to preview part of the email before they open it. That means your main message should be at the top of the fold. It will make them want to click to open, and read more.

3. Using “No Reply” as the “From” Name – You need to make it easy for your list members to contact you, by replying directly to your email. People want to get emails from real people. Therefore, using your name may be more effective, than using the name of your business, depending upon your niche.

4. Not Making Each Email Valuable – No one wants to open an email, and have to buy something to get anything of value. Plus, if you just pound your audience with sale after sale, they probably won’t click through to your sales page anyhow. Give them value, by giving them something that matters to them, something they can use in their life or business.

5. Losing the Focus of the Email – Each email should cover one subject, and not include too much information. Be friendly, be informative, and get to the point. Your audience will thank you for not going off on a tangent, and missing the point of your subject line.

6. Not Finding Your Voice – Your email should have a personality, and your business should have a personality. That personality should be you. Think of Apple, even after Steve Jobs left the company, it still has a certain personality, and a reputation that matches his. You do not want to be robotic in your delivery, make it interesting and informative.

7. Not Including a CTA – Each email should include a call to action of some kind. It is best to only have one call to action per email. The reason is that your audience may get confused. You want them to click through, and take action. You can always add more CTAs on your landing page, or sales page.

8. Writing Emails That Are Too Long – People do not have time to sit and read a long emails. Stick to the point, and keep your presentation short. Emails should be about 300 words long, no longer than 500 words, and focus on only one topic, one that is of interest to your subscribers.

9. Using Personalization Incorrectly – Technology enables you to personalize all emails, but if your technology fails it looks bad. Test each email before you send it, to ensure that the personalization is working correctly. There is nothing worse that receiving and email starting with, “Hello **First Name**”. In that case, no personalization would be better than messed-up personalization.

10. Using Too Many Images in Emails – In some niches, sending text-based emails is going to be better, than sending HTML emails with a lot of images. But in other niches, such as graphic design, for example, a beautiful email is important. Ensure that you compress images properly, to avoid problems with delivery.

Finally, not sending emails is a huge mistake. No matter what anyone says, the money is still in the list, and you still should work hard to build a responsive, targeted, and effective email list, full of hungry customers, who want to hear what you have to say.


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