Why Content Marketing Works Best With Your Own Written Content

Why Content Marketing Works Best With Your Own Written Content


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If you want to create a successful website or blog, then you should look into content marketing. Content marketing is the form of marketing that website owners and business owners are investing the most time and money into at the moment and for a good reason. Not only is content marketing ideal for building a big audience, but it is also a great way to form relationships, to earn their trust, and to position yourself as a ‘thought leader’ in your niche.

The problem is that writing content takes time and effort, and it also requires that you have a basic level of writing skill. It is for these reasons that many site owners will not write their pages themselves but will instead turn to freelance sites like UpWork and Freelancer to acquire writers. Not only that, but they will often rely on other techniques like content submitted by users and curated content from the web.

These options have their place, but none is as effective or powerful as writing the content yourself. Here is why.

Being on Brand

First and foremost, writing the content yourself ensures that it stays precisely on-message and on-brand. Your content does not just need to be well-written to be effective, and it also needs to convey a consistent message.

People want to know that you are on their wavelength. They need to know that if you are recommending a product, it is because you believe in it. Or that you think it is natural and wholesome. Either way, they want to know that your opinions align with theirs.

If you hire writers to handle your work, then you are going to lose some of that. The best writers will try to stay neutral to avoid putting words in your mouth, while the worst ones might even contradict your point of view.

Excitement and Passion

The other problem is that hiring a writer creates more distance between you and the reader, and it removes the excitement and passion that should be present in everything you discuss. The best blogs are written by people who know the subject inside out and are passionate about it. Why? Because they have the knowledge and understanding to bring something new to the table. They know the topic well enough to make suggestions that are exciting and to go beyond just beginner introductions.

A hired writer may know the subject well, but they won’t want to be too adventurous with their content because they won’t understand what you would be willing to say. Very often, though, they will be learning as they write, and that means the content is likely to be entry-level at best.
Of course, there are exceptions to these rules. The best option is to find someone as passionate about the topic as you. Whatever you do, though, don’t settle for outsourced, generic content even if it is well-written.


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