Why Content Marketing Works Best With Your Own Written Content

Why Content Marketing Works Best With Your Own Written Content

    If you want to create a successful website or blog, then you should look into content marketing. Content marketing is the form of marketing that website owners and business owners are investing the most time and money into at the moment and for a good reason. Not only is content marketing ideal for […]

Spruce Up Your Stock Photos

How to Spruce Up Your Stock Photos to Make Them Look Unique

  The images posted on your website or social media profile can have an incredible effect on the overall look and feel of your site. Sometimes, just a simple, beautiful photo or image can tell the whole story. There are images such as those from the Grand Canyon, as an example, that are compelling and […]

Content Is King

Where Should You Focus Your Marketing Energy?

    That is the six million dollar question. So, where should you focus your marketing energy? Here is the answer, almost all your marketing energy should be focused on CONTENT! After all, any type of marketing you do has content in it. But, it all leads to one thing, and that is getting people […]

How to Squeeze more profits from your content with this simple trick

How to Squeeze more profits from your content with this simple trick

    Let’s make one thing clear. You work hard to bring people to your website. At least that what you should do, and in doing so, you increase your chances of gaining financially through your efforts. One caveat however, just because you can draw traffic does not mean each and every person coming to […]


Why Trying to “Please Everyone” Could the Biggest Mistake You Make in Your Internet Marketing

    There are millions of websites, blogs, and brands all over the internet, but only a select few ever really make a big splash and fulfil their potential. Why is this? Simply put, it is because a lot of brands are really somewhat dry and bland. How many times have you seen articles on […]


How to Monetize Your Blog in Seconds Even If You Have Thousands of Pages

  Have you ever wanted a REALLY FAST way to monetize your WordPress websites or blogs? And I mean REALLY FAST, I am talking like SECONDS to monetize your ENTIRE WordPress website, or blog for ANY keyword on FULL AUTOPILOT. Even if your site has THOUSANDS of pages! I always wanted to add links to […]

Tell Your Story

How to Create Articles that People Actually Want to Read

    When you first start running a blog, it can be a very painful experience, putting a lot of time and effort into your blog posts and articles, and knowing that no-one is really reading them. You can slave away over an article but unless you already have a dedicated audience, there is a […]

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8 Ways to Generate a Continuous Stream of Fantastic Blog Content

    Creating an ongoing stream of awesome, fresh, thought provoking blog posts is a lot easier than you think. Being able to keep effective and interesting content flowing to your blog as often as possible, even daily, will spread brand awareness, increase engagement, and encourage more email list sign-ups. Not to mention it helps […]

Insider Tips to Get the Most from Your WordPress Website

Insider Tips to Get the Most from Your WordPress Website

    WordPress is a very powerful software suite. Most users barely scratch the surface of all it has to offer. If you are just starting out, it can be hard to figure out what to do first, and what will give you the most “bang for your buck”. Here are some insider tips on […]


The “Secret” Ingredient For Every Successful Internet Business

    It has nothing to do with the latest, greatest marketing technique, or a special new piece of technology. Nope. In fact, it has been around for thousands of years. Can you guess what is? If you said it is a “story”, then you are absolutely right. Nearly every successful business has one … […]