The money IS in the list, if you master this skill …

    It is certainly no secret that “the money is in the list”, in fact if you have been around internet marketing circles for any length of time, then you are probably sick of hearing it. Quite honestly nothing quite beats the feeling of clicking “send”, blasting out an email to your subscribers, and […]


Ten Ways to Repurpose and Refresh Old Content to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back

    Repurposing content is one of the best ways to produce high-quality content consistently without taking up too much of your time each week or month, or paying a fortune for writers, and bloggers. Everything old can be made new again, through repurposing content. Here are ten ideas that can help you transform an […]


Eleven Simple Tips for Creating an Email Newsletters That Will Blow Your Subscribers Away

    An email newsletter can be one of the most profitable activities in your online business. Here are a number of easy ways to create email newsletters quickly, so it does not become a huge burden on your time every week, or every month. 1. Create an Editorial Calendar Decide when you are going […]


Eight Easy Ways to Boost Sales When You Need Some Quick Cash

    There are times when you just need to make some extra cash, and make it quickly. You already have products and/or services that you market to your audience, and there is no time to come up with something new. So, how can you boost sales for quick cash, without adding anything new, or […]


It is a Matter of Trust — Acquiring and Keeping Customers

    Consumers have many choices these days in finding the products they wish to buy. This being the case, trustworthiness is extremely important, when it comes to gaining, and then retaining clients’ and customers’ trust. Offer Real Value for a fair Price Your customers are interested in both price and value. These are not […]


Eight Tips on How to Master the World of Selling Even If You are an Introvert

    You don’t have to be an extrovert to be good at selling. In fact, there is no better time to succeed, even if you are an introvert, than today. With the advent of email marketing, automatic sales pages, and all the technology behind selling today, it is an introvert’s paradise. * Processes Are […]

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9 Email Marketing Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Click-Through Rate

    Email marketing is very effective. Some people believe that email marketing is literally the most effective form of marketing that ever existed. But, you may be misusing this form of marketing, if you are not setting everything up right. 1. Untargeted List – If you have spent time building your list using lead […]


Ten Significant Mistakes Businesses Make In Their Email Communication

    I think we all agree that email marketing is the most effective type of marketing ever invented. Unfortunately, it is also an easy place to make mistakes or even overlook the obvious. The point of email marketing is to build relationships, educate your audience, and convert them to customers. If they are customers […]


8 Reasons Why Using Email Marketing Is So Important In Your Business

    You may have read that email marketing is dying. Guess what … Fake News. According to “Email Marketing Is Not Dead” (, there are many stats to prove that point. They collect stats about email marketing, and those stats are quite interesting. Let us look at a few. * People Prefer Email for […]


Ten Things to Put Into Your Email Follow-ups to Add Value

    One of the hardest things to do, when it comes to content for your email follow-up, is to figure out what to add into your messages. In general, you want to send emails that are on point. Things like information that will educate, entertain, engage, and inspire subscribers to action. The gurus make […]